How to convert Unicode to Thai text?

Thai language has its own unique alphabet, which can be a challenge to use when writing online. To make sure your content can be read and understood by everyone, it's best to use the Unicode standard. This will ensure that your text can be read on any device, regardless of whether or not the Thai alphabet is installed. When using Thai online, it's vital to use Unicode or else a large part of it will be unreadable and show as ???? on computer. 

The Thai alphabet presents some challenges when used online as not all operating systems or web browsers will have the Thai alphabet installed. One issue is that there are a number of different ways to transliterate or romanize Thai characters, and no one standard has been adopted universally. Unicode is primarily used online as a way of making sure that the characters display correctly (ie non-Roman words, accents etc). To make sure characters can be displayed Unicode provides a unique number for every character.

Use this converter to convert Thai to Unicode and Unicode to Thai. Unicode is used so that Thai characters can be expressed correctly online. You can also use this converter to convert Unicode to Thai text.


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